The goal of our Spreading Hope Instagram Campaign is for young people in the system and youth with disabilities to know there is hope.

Here’s how you can join the Hope Campaign:

  1. Follow our instagram page @YPSPREADSHOPE.
  2. Create a photo that shares a message of hope either using an app or by holding a hand made sign.
  3. Upload your photo and the hash tag #YPHOPE #HOPE #YOUTHVOICE #YOUTHPOWER

Don’t have an Instagram? Click here to sign up or send photos to YP!.

In December 2012, Long Island Regional Team leaders had a vision to break down stigma around mental health and various child serving systems and to inform young people in the system that there is hope. Spreading Hope through Sharing Our Stories emerged to fulfill this vision. Through visiting public schools, alternative schools, group homes, foster homes, hospitals, hosting events and other outreach, we will share groups of young leaders who share our stories of overcoming adversity in various child serving systems such as disabilities, foster care, juvenile justice, mental health, and sharing powerful stories we will reduce stigma around these systems and increase peer support and remind young people there is always hope and recovery is possible.