Become a YP! Council Member

YOUTH POWER! is in need of some more powerful young people who are willing to put in the time to lead our network. Will you step up and challenge yourself to be a statewide leader?

YP! Council flyer

Why would you want to join the YP! Network Leadership Council?

When you put in the time, you feel the sense of being a part of something big. The network gives young people voice and opportunities to speak to youth, legislators, commissioners and “people in charge.” As a member of the YP! Council, you will help to take youth voice to the high levels of government. You can create systems change and improve things for the next generation.

There are many personal benefits to committing yourself to lead our movement. First, it is a good resume builder. The experience you gain helps you build skills and references for employment, college, scholarships, and even awards. You will build public speaking, leadership, advocacy, event planning, and people skills. All of the things you will learn through experience will help you in your personal and professional life.

We are looking for young people ages 16-28 who are/have:

  • Creative
  • Reliable
  • Respectful
  • Team players
  • Have the ability to use a phone for 1 ½ hours per month
  • Email Access
  • Experience with a disability or child-serving system (like mental health, juvenile justice, foster care, etc.)

How do you apply to join the YP! Council?

To join the council you must fill out the online application available below. Once we review your applicaiton, we will contact you and set up an interview.

Click here to apply to join the council.

“Troubled, disabled, at-risk, activists, advocates, leaders… we are YOUTH POWER!! Grow and push the youth movement to change the world.”

“Being a part of YOUTH POWER! means advocating for not only others, but yourself too. It means standing up for systems advocacy to educate and implement positive change. “

“YOUTH POWER! has been a labor of love for almost a third of my life. It’s given me the power to make sure that young people have what I never did: a choice.”

“Young people should join the YOUTH POWER! Council because it is a great way to use your voice and experiences to make a real difference in the self-advocacy world, all while having fun and learning useful skills.”

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