YOUTH POWER! of Families Together in NYS administers the New York State Youth Peer Advocate Credential.  As of 2020, over 80 Youth Peer Advocate Credentials have been awarded. The establishment of a YPA Credential recognizes the importance of peer-to-peer support for young people. The intent of this credentialing process is to formally recognize the expertise of Youth Peer Advocates, to ensure all advocates demonstrate core competencies, to expand reimbursement possibilities, and to provide opportunities for professional growth and collaboration.

What is a Youth Peer Advocate?

Youth Peer Advocates are individuals between 18-30 years of age who self-identify as a person with first-hand experience with a social, emotional, medical, developmental, substance use, and/or behavioral challenges as a young person or have received services in any one of the child-serving systems (juvenile justice, foster care, special education, or addiction recovery). YPAs use their lived experience to promote resiliency, recovery, wellness, and self-efficacy in young people and promote the practice of youth-guided and family-driven approaches.

Youth Peer Advocate Provisional Credential

An individual seeking a YPA Credential will typically start with a Provisional Credential. Please read the FAQ and the application instructions before completing the application.  We have also prepared a pre-recorded video with page-by-page instructions.  Completion of the YPA Level One training is required for the YPA Provisional Credential. If you have not taken the Level One training, click here to get to the training page.

Youth Peer Advocate Credential FAQ

Youth Peer Advocate Provisional Credential Application (NEW! online version)
Youth Peer Advocate Provisional Credential Application
(print version)
Provisional Credential Application Page-by-Page Pre-recorded Video

Please note that once you have obtained the YPA Provisional Credential, you must complete all other requirements of the Professional Credential within 18 months including 600 hours of paid or formal volunteer work as a YPA. If you are not yet employed or have not secured your ability to obtain these hours, it is recommended that you wait to apply for the provisional credential until you are able to do so.

Youth Peer Advocate Professional Credential

An individual seeking a YPA Professional Credential must have a valid YPA Provisional Credential AND have completed all components of YPA Level 2 training.  Please re-read the FAQ and the Application Instructions before completing the application form.

Youth Peer Advocate Professional Credential Application  (online version – COMING SOON!)
Youth Peer Advocate Professional Credential Application
(print version)
Provisional vs Professional Handout PDF

Completion of the YPA Level 2 training is required for the Youth Peer Advocate Professional Credential.  If you have not taken the Level 2 training CLICK HERE to get to the YPA training page and follow all instructions.  If you have any problems accessing the training, call our office at 518-432-0333, ext.18.

Youth Peer Advocate Credential Renewal

The Youth Peer Advocate Credential is valid for 2 years from the date it was issued. It must be renewed every 2 years. It is the responsibility of each YPA to submit the required YPA Credential Renewal paperwork no more than 90 days and no less than 30 days prior to the expiration date of their current, valid credential. 

YPA Continuing Education and Renewal FAQ
YPA Credential Renewal Application Form and Instructions
YPA Continuing Education Form
YPA Credential Renewal Payment Form

If your YPA Professional Credential has expired and you wish to renew, see the FAQ for more instructions and the additional fee schedule.  If expired more than 6 months, you will need to reinstate your credential by calling our office at 518-432-0333, ext. 18.

Youth Peer Advocate Code of Ethics

YOUTH POWER! is dedicated to the principle that Youth Peer Advocates must meet the highest standards of ethical practice. With this goal in mind, the Youth Peer Services Advisory Council (YPSAC) has adopted a Code of Ethics specifically for Youth Peer Advocates.

The YPA Code of Ethics exists for the protection of young people, their families, and to maintain the integrity of the workforce. It outlines the standards of ethical conduct for all Youth Peer Advocates. Failure to comply with the YPA Code of Ethics may result in disciplinary action.

A separate document, the YPA Code of Ethics Violation Policies and Procedures, will be used by the YPSAC to investigate all alleged violations of the YPA Code of Ethics. Credentialed Youth Peer Advocates are encouraged to thoroughly read and practice in accordance with the Youth Peer Advocate Code of Ethics.

Code of Ethics PDF
Code of Ethics Violation Policies and Procedures

Questions or information on the YPA Credential

Please Contact:

Joanna Ahlatis, Program Coordinator
518.432.0333 ext. 18

Azaria Georger, Youth Peer Services Training & Credentialing Coordinator


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E-Tools for Applying

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