Tip Sheets

Intro to Advocacy
The Do’s and Don’ts of System Advocacy.

Simple Tips for Building A Professional Reputation
Tips on building your reputation, networking, and building your experience.

Starting a Youth Advisory Council
Stage 1: Planning and Recruitment

Tips for Youth Group Leaders

Workgroup Facilitation Tips and Procedures
Tips on how to put together a workgroup or committee, prepare for the meeting or teleconference, basic rules you should follow, facilitation tips, and overall group responsibilities and conduct.

Working in Collaboration with Youth Partners and Young People
Processes and protocols to support meaningful youth and adult partnerships in planning and policy-making activities.

How You Can Support and Foster Youth Involvement
What you can do to encourage youth to speak up in their mental health services.


New York State Success Youth Involvement Toolkit
Tools for Incorporating Youth Guided Practices

Supporting Self Advocacy
Tools for Supporting Youth in Becoming Stronger Self-Advocates, with an Emphasis on overcoming Workforce/Education Challenges created through the E3: Engage, Educate, Employ Initiative. 

The How To’s of Youth Guided Practice
A guide for individuals who would like to meaningfully engage young people in guiding policy and practice in their agency, community, and/or System of Care.


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The Power of Peers
What is youth peer support and why is it important? These young leaders explore their experiences in giving and/or receiving support, the impact it had, and advice for those looking to incorporate youth peer support into their work or lives. This video was created by YOUTH POWER! in partnership with Youth FX through the SAMHSA-funded NYS Success Project.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Youth Guided Practice
Explore the Do’s and Don’ts of engaging in youth guided practice with tips created by young people across New York State. This video was created by YOUTH POWER! in partnership with Youth FX through the SAMHSA-funded NYS Success Project. For more information and county success stories, visit www.NYSSuccess.org

Self-Advocacy and Disability Disclosure
YOUTHPOWER! teamed up with YouthFX to create videos for-youth-by-youth on self-advocacy and disability disclosure through the WIA incentive grant with cooperation from the NYS Department of Labor.

Youth Culture Shock
In this series, viewers can learn about youth cultural competency, supporting youth as agents of change, and responsible relationships in a technological age. These videos were created as part of YP!’s involvement in the Transition Age Youth Workgroup of the Office of Mental Health.

The Power of Music
Developed by the Long Island Regional Team of YOUTH POWER!, this video describes the power music has in people’s lives.

Let’s Talk About It
YOUTH POWER!’s Hudson River Regional team created a show called Let’s Talk About It. Currently, with two episodes, the show discusses topics about being dually diagnosed and having down syndrome from the perspective of young people!


Hiring Youth Peer Advocates: Panel Discussion with Supervisors of Youth Peer Advocates
To effectively engage, support and empower young people, agencies will need to find the right young adults to provide Youth Peer Support and Training Services. In this webinar, you will hear from a panel of Youth Peer Advocate Supervisors who will share their hiring tips and strategies.
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Documentation Best Practices for Youth Peer Support and Training Providers: 2-Part Series
Accurately documenting Youth Peer Support and Training (YPST) is critical to providing quality care and ensuring reimbursement. This two-part webinar series reviewed general best practices for documentation, key CFTSS documentation requirements, and recommendations specific to developing treatment plans for YPST.
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Youth Peer Advocate Provisional Credential Application Review
This webinar provides an overview of the training and credentialing requirements for YPAs, a brief history of the YPA credential and a detailed walk-through of the Provisional application. Participants are encouraged to follow along with the provisional application when viewing the webinar. Please visit the YOUTH POWER! website at: ​https://youthpower.ftnys.org/ypaworkforce/. A walk-through of the Professional credential application will be posted in January. 
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Spreading Hope: Mental Health and Foster Care Awareness Month
Join the team of five Regional Youth Partners of YOUTH POWER! in spreading hope, acceptance, and awareness of youth and young adults who experience mental health challenges and/or have experience in Foster Care. Regional Youth Partners will share their stories and the things that helped aid their resiliency and recovery. The presenters end the webinar with ways to get involved in YP!’s work such as Regional Teams and FACE (Fostering Advocacy Change and Empowerment).
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Trauma-Informed Care
When a young person has already gone through a traumatic experience restraining and seclusion only adds to the trauma and takes away feelings of trust and support that are needed for recovery and resilience. On June 10, 2016,  The Office of Mental Health hosted a webinar to help show how important trauma informed care is for service providers and direct care workers to understand. On this webinar, you will hear the effects of restraint and seclusion on young people from diverse standpoints, including a presentation by former YP! Executive Director Stephanie Orlando and a personal experience from YPA Domonica Jeffress.
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Resilience Unleashed: Supporting Youth Guided Practice
YOUTH POWER! partnered with the Community Technical Assistance Center for Resilience Unleashed: Supporting Youth Guided Practice on June 1, 2016. This webinar explores the value of meaningful youth involvement and how youth guided practice provides supports and services that promote the development of knowledge, skills, confidence, self-efficacy, and pride. Organizations play a pivotal role in the success of implementing and supporting youth guided practice. Explore this webinar to learn more about strategies for engaging, supporting and sustaining youth partners.
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 Effectively Employing And Supervising Youth Peer Advocates
Youth Peer Advocates (YPAs) are uniquely qualified to engage and support young people through their own lived experience and their ability to bridge the gap between young people and their services. With this, there are some unique – and some not so unique – considerations to effectively employ, supervise, and retain YPAs. In this webinar, we will explore the YPA’s role, supervision needs, considerations regarding agency policies, and in-service training recommendations. Additionally, participants will be connected with ongoing resources available to support this process.
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What Is The Role Of A Youth Peer Advocate?
Youth Peer Advocates work in many settings, and while each is slightly different, there is some common wisdom we can share about how to support Youth Peer Advocates and be sure everyone is on the same page when it comes to their role. The webinar includes practical tips on how you can support a Youth Peer Advocate and promote their integration into the youth’s service provider team.
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Part I: How Can Youth Power! Help Your Organization Implement Youth Peer Services?
This webinar will introduce you to YOUTH POWER! and the services we provide to help programs across New York prepare to provide Youth Peer Support and Training, a new Medicaid state plan service. YOUTH POWER! is the agency that will be training and credentialing Youth Peer Advocates.  This webinar includes an overview of youth peer services, information on training and credentialing requirements, and ideas about how YOUTH POWER! can support your agency and Youth Peer Advocates.
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Preparing for Managed Care for Youth Peer Support and Training (YPST) Providers
This webinar provides a service overview, discusses managed care billing and contracting, and reviews medical necessity/UM, referrals, and recommendations for Youth Peer Support and Training. The goal of this webinar is to provide reminders of key readiness efforts that should already be underway for the Jan 1st 2020 YPST transition to Managed Care. The webinar also includes a few case examples of YPST and Q&A regarding preparing for Managed Care.
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