Harnessing Hip Hop aims to engage young people through lessons on creative coping skills, creative methods of connecting with natural supports, and, of course, music.

Hip Hop, just like other forms of art, is a powerful tool that, when harnessed, can help to create positive outcomes. Through creativity and music, we are able to advocate for and support youth-guided practice, break down the stigma of receiving services by connecting with the community, and utilize a creative and engaging lens to support the growth of young peer leaders and the youth peer support workforce.

Currently we offer Harnessing Hip Hop as a workshop for large and small groups. These interactive workshops illustrate the power of listening to music to assist coping, the freedom of writing for hip hop (and other forms of music), the hard work that goes into taking this passion beyond a hobby, and how your writing can be used as both self-expression and a form of Artivism.

Workshops are available for young people and adult allies. Topics include, but are not limited to:

  •       The Power of Hip Hop
  •       Hip Hop Success Stories
  •       Using Your Words to Find Wellness & Advocate for Positive Change
  •       Youth Culture
  •       Skills Needed to Make it in the Music Industry
  •       Breaking Down Dream Jobs into Tangible Goals
  •       Getting Started in Your Journey as a Hip Hop Artist

We are also in the process of developing tools to support others across the state in Harnessing Hip Hop, including a Harnessing Hip Hop Workbook, and working to expand this initiative to offer more opportunities. Stay tuned!

For more information on this initiative, contact Alex Frisina at AFrisina@YOUTHPOWERNY.org or 631-245-5289.

About the Creator of Harnessing Hip Hop

Alex Frisina, Long Island Regional Youth Partner
Harnessing Hip Hop Coordinator

While struggling with depression, Alex found a creative outlet in poetry. This love from creative writing quickly connected with his passion for hip hop music. Recording music started as a hobby but quickly grew into much more. In 2015, he released his first official studio album “All Sides of Alpha”, which aimed to highlight the versatility and different layers of him as an artist. The project helped to open many doors and that following summer, Alex headlined a Canadian Tour. His music kept gaining traction and landed him on tour with Stevie Stone of Strange Music. After a regional tour through the Mid-West, Alex connected with King Magnetic and was added to a National Tour with Mag Mob and RA The Rugged Man. In 2018 Alex released his second studio album “The Battleground” which featured the likes of Fredro Starr (Onyx), Emilio Rojas, Wrekonize, Stevie Stone and King Magnetic. This album highlights Alex’s past and current struggles and aims to convey the fact we all have different struggles and our battle is figuring out a healthy and sustainable method of dealing with it.