Become a Member

Being a member means standing with hundreds of young people across the state in saying that you believe in what we are doing and want to strengthen the numbers behind our mission. You decide how involved you are, but all members get the latest news, updates, and information on upcoming opportunities. To become a member, you must be ages 12-29 with a disability, mental health challenges, or have experience in New York State systems and reside in the state of New York.

Become a YP! Ambassador

YP! Ambassadors represent their local area in spreading YP!’s mission and values across the state, help put on events, bring together local volunteers, and share opportunities. As an Ambassador, you lead the way, helping YP! Trial new ideas, develop creative new initiatives, and provide input on our advocacy efforts. Through this role, you’ll informally encourage and advisor your Regional Youth Partner and fellow ambassadors as we work to amplify our voices across the state. Stay tuned for more details!

Join a Working Group

Step up and help make our movement stronger by joining a working group! These working groups give members the opportunity to come together from across the state and Lead On. Whether you are interested in taking action and leading campaigns, social media and video development, or planning events, there is something for everyone!

Join a Council

YOUTH POWER! is seeking powerful young people who are willing to put in the time to lead our network. Whether it is joining the YP! Network Leadership Council, the Youth Peer Services Advisory Council, or the AMPLIFY/NYISA Sustainability Task force, you can rise up in the movement all while building skills.


YOUTH POWER! leads a number of initiatives across the state.

Contact us at or 518-432-0333.

YOUTH POWER! is what you make it.

As such, there are a variety of ways you can get involved and LEAD ON!

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