Young people with disabilities and their parents/caregivers can both greatly benefit from connecting with their peers and having opportunities to support their personal growth. Additionally, we often hear from young people that they want to be heard by their caregivers and have them involved as a support as they grow into young leaders and become more self-sufficient. Through this workshop series, we give caregivers the tools they need to support the young people in their care as a vital part of their transition team.

Families Together in NYS, INCLUDEnyc, and the Parent Network of Western NY are partnering to offer a series of FREE workshops for parents and caregivers that bring together the family and youth perspectives.  Focusing on teaching, modeling, and support, these sessions take place alongside the YLFs and throughout the community.


Stay tuned for next year’s Foundations for Leadership dates and locations!

Parents/caregivers attend these workshops on the first and last days of the Youth Leadership Forum, providing them the opportunity to support their youth attending a new event and witness them graduate the forum with pride (if they are participating).  The parent/caregiver workshop series includes both individual sessions and joint sessions with youth participants. Lunch will be provided.

Topics in these sessions include:

  • Setting & Sharing Expectations
  • Disability History, Etiquette, and Communication
  • Youth as Leaders
  • Overcoming Fears During the Transition to Adulthood
  • Resources to Reach Goals
  • Guest Self-Advocacy Youth Speaker
  • Creating a Personal Leadership Plan
  • Joint Leadership Activity with Youth Participants



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